Terms & Conditions Page


Bank account details:
Account Number 405 782 2964
Branch Code ABSA 63 20 05
Reference: Name of Reservation Party and dates

E-mail Proof of Payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment  and reservation conditions:
  • All prices quoted exclude VAT.
  • Bookings are only considered confirmed once a non-returnable deposit of 50% of accommodation is confirmed in Rietfontein Bank Account. Thereafter payment for accommodation must be made in full within 30 days of arrival.
  • Cancellations within 30 days of booked arrival will forfeit deposit.
  • The owner and management of Rietfontein reserve the right of admission at all times.
Hunting Conditions
  • Rifle hunters using silencers will receive 5% discount on all animals hunted with such equipped rifles.
  • Rifle hunting by stalking on foot only (drive-and-stalk included), unless prior arrangements are made with management.
  • Hunters with disabilities or senior persons may rifle hunt from vehicles.
  • The use of rifles is conditional upon guests signing an indemnity and submitting to a safety protocol.
  • Wounded animals will be charged for in full whether found or not. It is specifically noted that the farm management cannot stop all other hunting activities to follow up on one or more wounded animals. It is therefore specifically noted that Rietfontein management will use their best endeavors to assist with tracking of wounded animals but this cannot be guaranteed due to the uncertain nature of the hunting activity. As a general rule the client can expect one hour of tracking assistance once the initial 30 minute waiting period has elapsed.
  • Bow Hunters who choose to hunt from hides must remain in the hides and not walk around until they are picked up. This is essential to retain the olfactory integrity of the hides over time. R1000 penalty will be charged to hunters who disobey this rule.
  • Bow Hunters (only) who wish to hunt alone must submit to an arrow inspection before and after the hunt. A lost arrow will be charged at R500 and a bloodied arrow will be charged at the price of the animal shot at which in turn will be determined from the animal spoor where the arrow is found. Minimum of 30 minutes waiting time before shot animal is followed up.
  • Bow Hunters may be asked to demonstrate their archery ability prior to being allowed to hunt alone.
Tips for perceived good service are very welcome. Clients are requested not to tip the Rietfontein staff directly but asked to rather to add any tips to the invoice, whether in cash or by internet transfer. The owner and management will ensure that tips are equitably distributed between farm workers and guides.